We are a collaborative of Counsellors/Psychotherapists working in Oxfordshire and surrounding areas, who have come together to volunteer free listening support for those taking on the incredible responsibility of turning back the tide of the COVID-19 global pandemic. We understand that those who are committed to such a task will be drawing on every ounce of personal resilience and inner reserve.

We want to help.

Our aim is to link frontline workers with Counsellors for therapeutic support at a time when the need is great. We are offering flexible remote support including telephone, video calling or email. There is no charge for this service.

For frontline staff

If you feel you would benefit from the support of a counsellor, we can connect you with a trained and experienced professional. On the directory page of this site, you will find listings of counsellors, their contact details and their current availability. Please contact a counsellor directly. They will be pleased to offer you further information about how you can take up to six sessions of listening support.

For counsellors

We are looking for whatever time commitment you are able to offer in 50 minutes sessions on a weekly basis for 6 sessions. Just one hour per counsellor a week represents an incredible resource. To be listed, please sign up on the counsellor registration page.

Find a Counsellor from our Directory

If you consider yourself to be a frontline worker affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, and you feel listening support could help, feel free to contact one of the professional and experienced counsellors from the directory. These volunteers can offer up to 6 free sessions.

Counsellor registration

The requirements for volunteers are that you are a fully qualified and practising counsellor with UKCP, BACP or UPCA registration or accreditation. (For other professional bodies, please highlight on the registration form). It is the expectation that all the ethical and legal standards requirement of your professional body apply, with specific regard to:

• Professional membership

• Supervision

• Insurance


• Relevant competencies for remote working

• Self care


Clients will contact you directly, having found you on the directory. We are asking that you have availability to offer one session per week, per client for up to six sessions. There is no upper limit on how many clients you contract with, subject to your capacity.